What is the most watched TV series on YouTube?

The most watched series on Google TV and Google Play on November 6 was a romantic comedy titled “Mamma Mia!” starring Cher.

That’s the first time a popular series has earned that distinction, but it also comes just weeks after the hit ABC sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” topped the list for the first year in a row.

The most-watched shows for November 6 include ABC’s “Married at First Sight,” which was watched nearly 10 million times, and NBC’s “Criminal Minds,” which averaged 5.7 million.

The other top-10 shows for the month include NBC’s upcoming comedy series “Dancing With the Stars” (4.7).

Netflix is also in the top 10 with four top-ten titles, including the “Stranger Things” sequel and “Hobbit: Book of Shadows.”

“Strangers” was one of the most-liked series on Netflix last year, earning the title “Netflix’s most watched show on Christmas Day.”

Netflix is set to debut a new season of the popular animated series “Archer” on Jan. 4, 2018.

Netflix also released a new trailer for the upcoming animated series, “Adventure Time.”

The series will premiere on Feb. 7.

“Archers” will be directed by Rob Corddry and will premiere in 2019.

The animated series is based on the popular children’s book series.

The “Archicle” series will be produced by Cartoon Network and “Archie Comics.”

Netflix will debut “Arrow” on March 24.

ABC also released the title of the show’s top-ranked episode, “The Night Before.”

The episode features Felicity Smoak and her family in a small New York apartment on Christmas Eve, which leads to a shootout between two teams of detectives.

The episode has earned 4.4 million views, which is about 2 million more than “A Christmas Carol” which is also a Christmas special.

CBS also released its most-viewed show in November with “The Good Wife.”

“The Gifted” ranked first on the list with 3.4 billion views, but CBS also topped the chart with its most popular series in November.

CBS’ “Arrested Development” season finale ranked third with 2.9 billion views.

The second-most-viewable series on CBS, “NCIS: New Orleans,” had 3.1 billion views on December 6.

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